Thursday, 6 September 2012

We Have Moved In (26/06/2012)

Hello there to all the followers, yes we have moved in and everything has gone well. I havent posted anything because we cant get the internet till early next month when the NBN is ready in our estate. As soon as its up i will post pics and give everyone an insight on the final weeks before settlement. Till then sit tight.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Still Waiting?!

Hi guys, haven't post in awhile due to ther not being much activity. They have finished off most of the defects in the house and now we are awaiting for the painter to finish his touch ups, which is really annoying as he seems to be slowing the whole process up. Our SS hopes for inspection on friday but i doubt we'd be doing then as i have driven past the house 3 times today with no painter on site. Anyway i will keep you informed and here are some photo's of some items that have been rectified.

Island Bench with Mitre Joins for WaterFall Feature

Island Bench looking Heaps Better

Wall That was Bowed Now Straight & half Painted

Gap In Slab Finally Filled

Down Pipe To Rear Of Garage Now Installed

Bathroom & Ensuite Niches Done, Trim now mitred and straight

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Update & Defects From PCI

Hi all, welcome to another installment of our blog. We had our PCI pre hand over inspection and were suprised with what needs to be fixed up. All that has occured in the last week & a half is the TV & data has been fitted off through the house & the ducted vacuum wall plates have also been fitted off. I have been very displeased with the lack of urgency to get our house completed. I suspect the house will hopefully be done come the end of next week. We also have furniture suppliers hassling us to deliver our good as well. So we are very keen to get the house finished.

Below is the list of defects that require fixing.

  • Bed 1 Door jambs have cracking in wood where the hinges are, Plaster & painting issues throughout, Window seat also needs some extra attention.
  • Ensuite cavity door needs re-staining and sanding rubs on inside wall, framing has cracking and not fixed properly
  • Ensuite needs whole repaint & shower niche trim out of square & poor finish
  • Cabinet Kicker in ensuite is scratched/chipped. Cabinets have paint overspray,
  • Scratchers on shower screens Ensuite & Main Bath
  • Living Room Walls need painting, cornice has dents & a gap in the slab floor between the stud wall (pic below)
  • Window Frame paint cracking
  • Kitchen Meals alfreasco door bow, a wall also has a bow
  • Island bench to a mitre look.
  • Bench & cabinets around oven have paint over spray and are scratched
  • Pantry Door staining runs
  • Laundary cabinet scratches & paint over spray, paint finish
  • Bed 3 Paint issues, Robe slide doors need adjusting. Windows scratched
  • Bathroom niche need re-grouting/sealing, Silicone on shower screens, Vanity draw need re adjusting, power point need re fixing, niche also not square
  • Toilet paint issues
  • Linen Paint issues
  • Bath Tub need re sealing
  • Vanity kick board has silicone overspray
  • Bed2 Paint issues, Hand rail in robe
  • Garage needs repainting ceiling & walls
  • Rear entry door into garage need repainting (paint run lines)
Thats just what was on the simonds list.

There was an independant inspection carried our with another 41 items as well as some items the Site Supervisor didnt write down, which i emailed to our CRC when i sent through the Inspection report.

Robe Doors Fitted

TV & Data Points Fitted Off

Ducted Vacuum Wall Plate

Ducted Vacuum

My Star Serve System (TV & Data point)

Inside The Star Serve Box

Alarm Box In Bedroom Robe

Telephone Point In Our Bedroom

House Alarm Key Pad

Hosue Alarm External Siren

Living Room Showing Gap Along Bottom of the side wall

Close Up of Living Room Gap

Friday, 18 May 2012

PCI Finally Scheduled

G'day all. Well after a week from receiving our letter sayin to phone & organise our PCI its finally been scheduled for Monday at 12pm and we cant wait. Our CRC told us to make a list of things that we could see at this point in time to get the contractors and that organised & ready. Some of the issues that i sent through have already been fixed up which is good. They still havent fixed our island bench though, so that will be the first thing on the list for monday. there is a down pipe missing as well which i want installed as well. The wife is going to be very picky on the stuff on the inside especially with the quality of the paint coverage. We have also booked in Independent Home Inspections to go through the house with us, we have used them on 2 previous inspections, Frame & pre-plaster. They do a fantastic job & recommend usin them.
So i will call past the house on sunday with the wife & see if we can do a look in & around the house and spot some more thins & jot them down.
I will try to update this blob on monday night with some new pics & work to be done before final handover.

Till then have a great weekend.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Almost Complete & Upcoming PCI

Well hello again, Its been a week and the house is just about ready for our final inspection before handover. They have completed the front fascade (love it) The tiling has been fully completed (looks awesome) The front door, ensuite cavity door & pantry  door have all been stained (all look good). They have finished the pantry, linen & robe shelving. They have installed the shower screen in the ensuite but still need to install the mirror, they have started installing the bathroom shower screen & have put the mirror in. All that needs to be done is install the mirrored robe sliding doors to both spare bedrooms. I hope that they complete this tomorrow. They have finally put the ceiling fans in the alfresco, however still need to fix the caeaserstone island bench. The house has been fully cleaned and looks great & done some back filling
We received our letter on friday with our final payment invoice and upcoming inspection. I will call our CRC tomorrow and hopefully have our PCI later this week.

Sliding Robe Doors Ready To Be Installed

Pantry Door Has Been Finally Stained

Bath Shower Screen Nearly Completed

Alfresco Ceiling Fans Now Installed

Linen Closet Now Shelved

Bathroom Complete

Kitchen Complete

Toilet Complete

Pantry Shelving & Door Staining Complete

View Towards The City From The Front Porch

Front Fascade Complete

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Carpet & Video Tour

Hello All,
Well its been a week since the last post and since then we have had the carpet layed, door hardware installed, and a new pallet of stackstone delivered. It has kinda slowed up over the last week or so, however its great to see the floor coverings complete and make it more homey. We are very happy with the colour scheme and how it all blends well together. Its so hard to imagine how all your colours will look when your going through the colour gallery.
I have attached some photo's and a video walk through of our home so i hope you enjoy.

Living Room With Carpet

Living Room With Floor Board Walk Through

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Looking Into WIR

Entry Way Through To Other Bedrooms Laundary & Bathroom
& Toilet

Bedroom 2

Bed 3 Look Out & BIR

Bed 3

Door Handles Installed

Front Entry Door